Danú 'Ten Thousand Miles'

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  1. Master McGrath
  2. The Poor Mans Fortune / The Long Strand / Reel Gan Ainm
  3. The Connemara Hornpipe / The Leverette
  4. Ar Maídín Inné Dom
  5. She hasn’t the thing she thought she had / Denis Murphy’s / Abbey’s Green Isle
  6. Ten Thousand Miles
  7. On troth and soul / The Gazetta / Teetotal Jig
  8. Fiach An Mhadra Rua
  9. Cutting A Slide / The Fiddle Cushion
  10. The Foggy Dew

‘A vibrant mix of virtuosity, energy and empathy’ The Washington Post

Danú have been one of the seminal bands for traditional Irish music for over two decades with numerous award-winning albums over the years.

 The band is comprised of members from Counties Waterford, Cork, Dublin and Donegal. This unique mix brings a wealth of styles and influences that form the band's truly authentic sound.

 'Ten Thousand Miles' introduces Nell Ní Chróinín with beautifully arranged new Instrumentals and heartfelt songs in both the Irish and English languages.

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