Lúnasa 'CAS'

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  1. The Tinker’s Frolics
  2. Sinead Máire’s
  3. The Water is Wise feat. Tim O’Brien
  4. The Bonny Light Horseman feat. Natalie Merchant
  5. Pontivy
  6. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore feat Daoiri Farrell
  7. The Dregs of Birch
  8. The Cadgers
  9. The Irish Girl feat. Mary Chapin Carpenter
  10. Tribute to Larry
  11. My Lord What a Morning feat. Eric Bibb
  12. Within a Mile

"this album is brilliant with a capital B…...a new feather in the cap of the talented and influential musicians we know and love as Lunasa”- Irish American News

Music is one of Ireland’s most celebrated exports and Lúnasa, a band like no other, has been at the forefront of that musical migration. Since the release of their 1997 recording debut ‘LÚNASA’ and the band’s first tour of Australia, the all-star quintet has become one of the most popular and influential bands. Those early concerts and albums catapulted the band to the forefront of traditional Irish music, and the members of Lúnasa have since gathered a long list of credits and honours in addition to the legion of fans around the globe.  Described by the New York Times as the hottest Irish acoustic group on the planet,” Lúnasa have sold more than quarter of a million albums in the course of the band’s career.

Twenty-one years on from their debut Lúnasa are back with a new album “Cas”. Their first studio album in seven years is also their first recording featuring guest singers, all prominent artists that the band recorded and toured with over the years. These include Natalie Merchant and Mary Chapin Carpenter, bluegrass singer/songwriter Tim O’Brien, Blues artist Eric Bibb and BBC Folk winner Daoiri Farrell

Cillian Vallely says, We took a break from the studio and when we came back, we wanted to do something a bit different.  We were becoming increasingly involved in live concert collaborations and from these projects we invited some of our favourite singers to guest on the album.”

Lúnasa’s inventive arrangements and bass driven grooves have steered Irish acoustic music into surprising new territory. Their recordings have been hailed as some of the best and most important world music albums, while their blend of innovation, virtuosity and passion has brought them to the forefront of Celtic music.  The new recording continues this tradition while bringing the listener forward.  Kevin Crawford says, “We needed to justify our existence and also mark the occasion by stepping up and creating something worthy of an anniversary celebration. We're so proud of this new recording, we're so lucky to have all these amazing friends come join in the party.   It feels really good to be out there making music with the extended Lúnasa family on into our third decade.”

"Indeed, this twist is superbly executed and gives the band’s new album an entirely new creative dimension….the stylistic diversity the vocal tracks bring make this album something quite special  Irish Voice

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